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    Discourse Analysis Journal Review #5

    Name: Study on the New Model of College English Teaching under the Setting of Multimodality through Classroom Discourse Analysis

    Author: Qian Wang

    Source: Universal Journal of Educational Research 3(8): 473-477, 2015

    This article analyzes the use of multimodality in college-level English learning classes. While current technology and networking has allowed many Chinese college classrooms to demonstrate multimodality through the use of multimedia (audio, video, etc.) when teaching, apparently there’s not much study that went into analyzing the multimodality discourse compared to the west. “Compared with what has been achieved in the West, the study of multimodal discourse in China is at its infancy.” Wang wrote.

    Wang begins by describing the concept and research status of multimodality discourse in China, beginning with the basic concept of multimodality, using various media visuals, audio, and text to make the abstract modality concrete. He then describes the previous researches that analyze multimodality discourse in both the west and in Chinese, and the difference in the amount of researches between the two. As noted earlier, the study of multimodality discourse analysis in China is in its early stage compared to the west. One of the researches he referenced was one done by Hu and Gu, who wrote about the relationship between multimodality and foreign language teaching.

    He then describes the concept of Multimodality College English Teaching Mode and the requirements for teachers to utilize that mode. He wrote about how teachers should use presentation softwares to compile resources and present them in way that is easily digestible to the students. He also recommends the use of multimedia to improve the efficiency of teaching, such as using background music to color the classroom’s atmosphere, using visuals such as images and videos to illustrate the information at to attract the students’ attention in conjunction with text explanation to help students with understanding the knowledge content. He also makes note of the teacher’s body language and their method of explanation as a way to improve teaching quality.

    He concludes the article by explaining the benefits of the multimodality college English teaching mode such as allowing the teacher and the students to obtain information through multiple channels so the teacher can effectively express the information and so the students can master that information. He also encourages testing and improvement of this mode by practicing it in college classroom.