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    The Illinois Petroleum Fields The Illinois Petroleum Fields
    As the Bulletin has already announced, the American Geographical Society of New York celebrates this year the sixtieth anniversary of its founding and the occupation of its new building on Broadway at I56th Street. The plan thus outlined is now approaching its realization. The by a major fold its crest is very irregular and is interrupted by nu merous minor domes and transverse depressions, which, together with irregularities of porosity, have been instrumental in segregating the pools. 7. With one exception the best collection of oil was found over the broad flat areas. The principal gas areas of the State lie within the main fields near Bellair and Hardinville, Crawford County, and north of Bridgeport, Lawrence County. The gas comes from raised portions of the oil horizon. Many of the oil wells produce small quantities of gas which is used, chiefly, for field operations. There are about forty gas wells that supply towns within or close to the oil fields. The sixteen societies which selected the European participants in the Excursion are: k.k. Geographische Gesellschaft Vienna, Austria; Societe Royale de Geographie d’, etc.