• Ifti Luthviana Dewi posted an update 4 months ago

    Why an Early Adult Have to Live Independently?
    By Ifti Luthviana Dewi
    Live independently, does not mean we just live separately with parents and live without their involvement. Live independently means we must do, manage, and control everything by our own with responsibility. We need trust ourselves to be competent and mentally ready to face every situation. After the age of 22, we are no longer a teenager but we can call it as an early adult. As an Indonesian adult, live independently is necessary. Why it is so?

    First, it will build up our self-reliance. Being reliance means we do not depend on other people, especially with parents. If we are simply dependent on what parents offer, we would not be productive. We have to be able to do everything by ourselves without the help of others, including cooking, washing, cleaning etc. It will also encourage us to maximize our skill to earn money in order to handle our finance. After age of 22, we are already educated and skilled from school so that we will able to competent with other. Since there are many competitions in work life, an early adult must work hard. Beside we can have more money for daily needs, it also will decrease the burden of family financial. If we are more independent in doing our job, the government will not burdened by social condition of their people. It will happen because the quality of young generation that involve in developing a country is better and economic country will grow.

    Second, by living independently, taking over the controls of our life gives us opportunities to develop our limits and explore our life and it will make us more mature. The situation that e faced force us to develop our maturity indirectly because we are mentally trained. Mature means we are old enough to think our own problem and able to make our own decision. Moreover, we have to take every consequent that we get from decision that we made. So that, the result is we can have independent mature thought.

    Third, live independently boost our self-determination and give us freedom. We can do everything what we want yet with responsibility. Since the future of country is on young generation’s hand, this freedom to do everything will empower us to be good and responsible. As Indonesia should be a developed country and not only become develop country, Indonesia cannot wait any longer to wait us as young generation to conduct revolution. There is a certain satisfaction when we can achieve and participate in improving country. This is because we feel a sense of relief and joys, when we can take position in accomplish young generation tasks by our own hands.

    Regarding from three reasons above, we can conclude that live independently is essential for an adult and being independent people is astonishing. Because independent people are those who can see the world in spite of good or bad, and consciously choose to be the most powerful for themselves and as well as for others.