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    on korea
    almost unknown peninsula of East Asia, located between North China and Japan; give account of the interior as coming from the author of China and Japan, and a summary of the various futile efforts undertaken by the com- Manders European expedition to gain entry to the ground for the purpose of investigation. Korea is located under the temperate latitudes of 33? 43?, Are thick populated with industrious and race civilized, abundant in agricultural and mineral products, and by producing, promising all requirements menguntungkanpertukaran, and yet so completely lost to the outside world that no foreign ship had entered the harbor, nor is every European voyager allowed to remain on its shores. The country is formed east shore ofthe Yellow Sea, the way the high place to treaty-port rich of North China, but the west coast, is covered by countless islands inhabited mostly, harmful to the menu, never yet been surveyed and lying in on our chart. We heard from the big city, the most populous county, and broad rivers navigable inland vessels, but their true position of all we do not know. Physical features KoreaNegara geography is divided into eight provinces, and contains 33 cities of the first class, 28 of the second, and 70 of the third class. History of Korea diversified with the efforts of China to interfere in the northern provinces and in particular by the two invasions of Japan in the 16th century. The latter still holds one of the ports, Fouchan, opposite Tsu-sima, the western most island of Japan, sebagaiperdagangan and military station. Paper author concludes by stating that the object in bringing forward the subject of Korea is to draw the attention of everyone who takes an interest in geographical discovery and progress among our commercial? Of course with the East, to the new field this good for the company? the country produces silk, cotton, hemp, rice, wheat, tobacco, gold, silver, copper, coal, furs, and manufacturing are similar to China and Japan. The question arises, how can we visit a country or start a political and commercial relations with those who are so opposed to government relationship with a stranger? Korea despotic sovereign and independent practical, and direct the embassy to the court that would be affected more than others of course we might pursue. France will do this at the end of 1848 had it not been for the loss of their ships on the beach, and they probably will renew the effort. The Eussians already working to shore Timur.Negara other nations may not be as rigorous as ourselves, and no doubt by some other nation or region of this will be revealed to the world trade. Respect expedition tentatively suggested by Captain Allen Young, captain Sherard Osborn had written to him as follows, while on his way to Bombay:? “In the first place, I respectfully disagree with Allen Young desires such efforts are made, the geography? Phical, commercial and political reasons. Trading North China, from the northern port of Shanghai, are being rapidly developed. Four hundred and vessels Europe weird traded to Chefoo last year. between Northern port and Peiho ship we have to work between China and Korea, the latter a terra inoognita 600 miles long, lined with islands, plentiful at anchor, but affording no shelter or safety to mariners or merchant, for Korea, as our friends China and Japan of several years since, claiming to humiliate the barbarians from the West, and have not been made to open their ports, and teaches us to accept the terms of perfect equality.
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